Hi. Thanks for visiting Ease Education. I am a teacher in a New Zealand primary school.

This site is focussed on exploring and reflecting on the impact the “Visible Learning” pedagogy has on improving learning outcomes for all students. It is a place where I get to reflect on and describe the impact of the “Visible Learning” pedagogy in a classroom setting. A place where theory meets reality. “Child-centred learning” is no longer just a warm, fuzzy feeling that is easily dismissed. It’s the sweet spot in which learning is at its most effective. And now we have the research to prove it.

The biggest effects on student learning occur when teachers become learners of their own teaching, and when students become their own teachers. – Hattie

Ease is a ‘reset’ for educators working within the system to help them reprioritise child-centered learning. Ease offers educators a way to reposition their teaching, while staying within the system. Ease gives parents of school children an alternative way of measuring the success of their children, while staying within the system.

You can be reassured that the purpose of Ease, in the words of Ross Ashcroft, is to “inform, illuminate and inspire”. All content posted on Ease will only relate specifically to that purpose. All content will be identity free. You will not find any reference to individuals past or present.

Your comments and feedback are welcome; as long as they remain respectful of the culture of this site, as outlined above.

You can get in touch with me via Facebook or Twitter.

Ease Education: Teaching at a human scale.

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